On June 25, Burbank City Council members met to discuss progress being made on the Complete Streets Plan. The lawmakers expect that pedestrian and bicyclist safety will be improved once this plan has been implemented in the city.

At the meeting, the mayor and one council member who’d originally proposed the plan highlighted how major transit routes that area residents travel should be redesigned. They highlighted how those in the Media District, the Hollywood Burbank Airport area, Magnolia Park and downtown Burbank are particularly dangerous.

Burbank Police Department data shows that between June 2013 and June 2018, there were 6,512 motor vehicle crashes in its jurisdiction. Just over 2,000 people were injured.

At least 265 bicyclist were struck by motorists. Two of those incidents were fatal. The most recent of those happened just last year in a designated bike lane.

During that same five-year period, over 300 pedestrians were struck. Nine of those individuals died. At least half of those deaths occurred in a crosswalk. Many motorists struck the pedestrians while making a turn. At least four of those fatal crashes took place in downtown Burbank.

At this latest meeting about the plan, the plan’s proponents both requested that city officials research the feasibility of moving bike lanes to the right of parking spots on city streets. They pointed out that cities like Chicago and Long Beach have long used this approach. They noted that the cars have successfully served as a barrier to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from getting struck.

One council member that opposed the reengineering of the city’s roadways proposed the installation of bollards to serve as barriers between pedestrians and bicyclists and automobiles instead. He noted that it’s a less costly option, they’re quick to install and that it’s an approach that’s been met with success in downtown Los Angeles.

It’s unclear when the next meeting to discuss the matter is scheduled for.

Many types of negligence can result in bicyclists and pedestrians being struck by automobiles. Motorists often claim that they didn’t see the individual before they struck them. They also fail to abide by existing Los Angeles bike laws. If you’ve been hurt by a negligent motorist, then an attorney who provides personalized attention and service can give you and your California case the care and concern that you deserve.