The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a report this week in which they highlighted their findings as to why motorcyclists wear high-visibility gear or not. It also shed light on what can be done to increase their use of it.

In their report, they chronicled how as many as 5,000 motorcyclists die each year here in the United States. Most of them are killed by passenger car operators who fail to see them. This is one of the reasons why the NHTSA’s researchers began looking at motorcyclists’ use of high-visibility gear. They wanted to understand how to make sure that they’re seen as much as possible.

The NHTSA researchers discovered that motorcyclists seldom wear high-visibility gear. If they do, it’s only because either they or someone that they know has been seriously injured by not doing so.

Researchers who interviewed the motorcyclists determined that they’d be more willing to wear high-visibility gear if it were made to look more stylish than what’s been released on the market in the past. They found that motorcyclists would be more inclined to wear this type of clothing if high-visibility elements were seamlessly incorporated into the gear that they’re already wearing. They also seemed to value reflective more than neon-colored gear.

The NHTSA researchers also determined that motorcyclists would likely need to be better informed about the reasons for wearing this type of gear. They’d need to be provided with statistics and education about the benefits of high-visibility garments. Many responded that they’d be more inclined to wear high-visibility gear if they were also given insurance rate discounts for doing so.

Motorcyclists can take many steps to keep themselves safe when out on the road. They can practice defensive driving techniques, abstain from drinking and driving, regularly inspect their bikes and take measures to make themselves more visible to others.

Many motorcycle crashes happen because truckers and passenger car operators have never taken time to learn how to better share the road with bikers. This often results in someone getting killed. If your loved one has died in a crash in California, our office may be able to provide you with one-on-one representation and personal attention in your wrongful death case.