Whether they live in Los Angeles or somewhere else throughout California, one thing that bicyclists fear most is being struck by an automobile. One type of crash that concerns bike riders the most is a rear-end accident. These are scary because bicyclists often don’t see them coming. There are steps that they can take reduce their chances of becoming involved in a bike crash in the first place though.

Rear end crashes frequently happen when motorists try to pull around parked cars and other hazards in their path. They also frequently happen at night and in the suburbs or rural areas. Safety analysts note this has to do with poor lighting and increased speeds in these areas.

There are some bike riding habits that bicyclists can employ to minimize their risk of becoming involved in a rear-end crash.

First, bicyclists should avoid weaving in and out of a parking lane. Second, a bicyclist should always use a mirror and also look behind them for fast approaching cars before moving into an active traffic lane. It’s also important for a bicyclist to always use the appropriate hand signal before riding their bike into any traffic.

Bicyclists can reduce their risk of becoming involved in a rear-end crash at night by making themselves more visible. Reflective vests can make them more visible to motorists. Rear lights installed on a bike can make it more easily seen.

Bike riders should travel along slower streets whenever possible. They have less of a chance of being struck if they travel down neighborhood streets where speed limits are lower than highways where traffic travels much faster.

They should also travel along wider streets too. These provide an added buffer between bicyclists and cars.

Safety analysts also warn bike riders against hugging curbs. They recommend that they avoid doing this as it can result in a motorist pushing a bike rider into phone poles and other inanimate objects along the side of the road.

If you scour the internet, then you’ll find that there are a lot of bicycle rider safety tips online. One recommendation that you’re likely to find is that all bike riders should abide by California’s Helmet Laws to protect themselves against a head injury. Individuals who have been hurt while out riding their bikes should consult with a bicycle accidents attorney who will ensure that justice is delivered.