Passenger cars have come equipped with airbags and other safety features for several decades now. The introduction of innovative features that would keep motorcyclists safer has been lacking though. On August 1, that all changed. On that day, a Seattle company introduced an inflatable safety vest that they hope will make motorcycle riding safer than it’s previously been before.

The newly released vest includes seven sensors including gyroscopes and accelerometers. It can also inflate in a mere 40 milliseconds. Previous safety vests required the motorcyclist to be tethered to their bike for them to work. It was only after they came up off of its seat, that it would activate.

This latest model, which took nearly two decades to develop, inflates on the first impact. Its developers say that it protects the front and back of a rider’s body and their shoulders as well. They argue that it offers the same degree of protection that it would typically take multiple back protectors to accomplish.

The company who produced this latest vest has been testing its product on the motorcycle racing circuit for years but only recently decided to make it available to the general public. The tethered version of the vest retails for $400 whereas the untethered one goes for around $700. The designers argue that value that it offers makes it well worth the cost.

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