Bike riding, whether you use it to get to work here in Los Angeles or it’s something you do for pleasure on the weekends, can be dangerous. Few bike riders go unscathed. Scrapes, cuts and bruises are a given. Broken bones are also common. Concussions sadly happen more often than you may expect too. Many bikers who experience the latter never seem to give themselves enough time to recuperate.

According to the director of the Colorado Concussion Clinic, many doctors will recommend that their patients allow themselves 10 days to recover from a concussion. She considers this to be absurd, especially considering how cardiac patients and those with broken bones are told to wait six weeks before returning to normal activities. She notes that brain injuries such as this shouldn’t be expected to fully heal within 10 days.

She notes that individuals with concussive symptoms can indeed experience improvements if they seek out medical help early on. She notes that what the patient does in the first 48 hours after suffering a concussion is critical. Those who return to normal activities too fast can set back their recovery.

One reason why people experience a delayed recovery after a concussion is because they don’t realize that they’ve suffered one. Any patient who reports experiencing a certain combination of cognitive, sleep, emotional and physical difficulties may be diagnosed with a concussion.

Individuals who lose consciousness after a crash and have difficulty in remembering what happened before and immediately following it may be experiencing concussive symptoms. Someone who cannot seem to find the right words to say, is confused, disoriented or appears dazed may also have suffered a concussion.

Anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeps too much after an accident may also have a concussion. Emotional problems such as increased crying or anger are also concussive symptoms. So too may be balance issues, increased sensitivity to light or noise, dizziness, headaches, neck pain and problems with vision.

If you’ve recently been struck by a motorist here in California, then you shouldn’t assume that you’re not seriously hurt. You should get yourself checked out by a medical professional to make sure that nothing is wrong with you. Individuals with serious injuries should consult with a bicycle accidents attorney to find out whether they qualify to receive compensation for their losses.