Motorcyclists thrive in Southern California. Year round, you can take advantage of the weather and scenery aboard your bike. Unfortunately, motorcycles also come with their share of hazards. There are precautions that you can take to avoid safety hazards on your bike.

While you share the road with passenger vehicles, you are more than 20 times more likely to die in an accident than other cars, according to the NHTSA. To drive a motorcycle, you require a certain set of skills and knowledge. In order to decrease your risk of an accident, you may want to complete a motorcycle rider education course.

One safety tip is to ensure that you are accustomed to your bike. As with any vehicle, motorcycles vary in responsiveness. When you ride a new bike for the first time, you want to remain in a controlled setting. This will give you adequate time to adjust and become more accustomed with your new motorcycle. You will need to be able to handle your bike in a variety of circumstances and understand how to handle risks such as potholes, slick roads and debris.

You should inspect your bike before every trip. Check the tire pressure, brakes, signal indicators and fluids. In addition, you need to consider any cargo or passengers that you carry on the road. Ensure that all passengers understand basic motorcycle safety and follow your instructions on the bike.

The information above is provided to give you a general understanding of how to stay safe while on a motorcycle. It is not to be interpreted as legal advice.