On the road, motorcyclists have to look out for many hazards. For example, they may be involved in an accident when a driver is drowsy, distracted or intoxicated. Moreover, drivers who are hungover also pose a serious hazard to others on the road, especially motorcyclists who are more vulnerable to the consequences of a collision. Sadly, many motorcyclists have lost their lives after being hit by drivers who are hungover, and even more have suffered major injuries in these collisions. 

Hangovers can be difficult for multiple reasons. Sometimes, drivers may not fail a sobriety test when they have a hangover, even though their driving ability is significantly impacted by their state of mind. Hangovers can affect reaction time and they can cause drivers to veer into another lane or ignore traffic signs. Some drivers may fail to realize just how much their hangover affects their driving abilities and they may be especially likely to hit a motorcyclist since motorcycles can be more difficult to see. 

If you were struck by a driver who was hungover while you were riding a motorcycle, you need to stand up for yourself. There may be a number of advantages associated with filing a lawsuit, such as obtaining the compensation that you not only deserve but desperately need (if you are facing hardships due to medical costs or missing work, for example). 

Unfortunately, many people get behind the wheel when they are hungover without taking into consideration the threat they pose to others on the road (and their own lives). They should be held accountable for any challenges that victims have to endure because of an accident that they cause. We discuss more on motorcycle collision consequences throughout our website.