Riding a motorcycle in California can help you get around the state during high traffic times easier. The injuries suffered by motorcyclists involved in a traffic accident can be more serious than those in other types of vehicle crashes. Thanks to video footage, one rider received a large settlement for sustained injuries in a crash on the 405 freeway. 

Matthew Rada flew onto the northbound side of the 45 freeway in Westminster after a Kia Optima struck him. The driver changed lanes without the use of proper turn signals moving from the HOV lane into the motorcycle causing the accident. Rada has suffered through several surgeries due to his injuries following the accident two years ago. 

Another person captured the accident and aftermath on a GoPro video camera. The footage showed the sparks following Rada’s bike as it skid along the freeway following the collision. The driver and others stopped to provide assistance to Rada. 

The lawsuit started in March 2018 and recently concluded with the jury awarding the victim $21.5 million for his injuries. The suit states that Hardin Irvine Automotive Inc. hired the driver without providing the necessary training and ensuring the driver could properly perform the job leading to the collision. The life-altering injuries led to the high final settlement once the lawsuit happened. 

The grateful victim received the verdict after the diligence of a personal injury attorney continued to fight. Choosing a personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents that has a record of success. They can help you fight for the financial compensation to cover your financial loss, pain and suffering following an accident.