Riding a motorcycle is particularly challenging (and dangerous) when weather conditions are poor. Many motorcyclists wisely stay off of the roads when it is snowing, ice is present or heavy rain is falling. However, Scott J. Corwin knows that some motorcyclists in Southern California may find themselves in the middle of poor weather even though they did not anticipate precipitation or snowfall. During December, weather can be especially difficult to predict in many parts of the country, and some motorcyclists may be on the road when conditions abruptly turn poor. 

Predicting the weather can be very hard, and forecasts do not always match reality. Light showers may turn into heavy rain, and clear skies may change in a very short period of time. Those who are riding their motorcycle when weather conditions deteriorate may be unsure of what to do. Some may try to push through the poor conditions to make it home, which can lead to a higher chance of an accident, while others may pull over and decide to stop riding their motorcycle. 

Heavy rain can increase the chances of a motorcycle collision in many ways. For starters, other drivers may be more likely to collide with a motorcyclist because of poor visibility. The road could become very slick, causing a driver to lose control. Not to mention, operating a motorcycle is challenging during a downpour. Motorcyclists who are struck by drivers during poor weather conditions should do all that they can to protect themselves after the accident, not only in terms of their physical well-being but with regard to their financial health as well.