There are many things a motorcyclist may do that other drivers see as being dangerous. One of those is lane splitting. According to I Drive Safely, this is the practice of driving between lanes on a roadway, typically along the lines between the lanes. It may seem incredibly unsafe for a motorcycle to weave in and out between vehicles, but this practice is completely legal in California.

Lawmakers made it legal in 2016 because they saw the benefits of this practice. Lane splitting can help free up congestion on roadways, allows you to better navigate safely on the road and can let you avoid sitting in traffic jams. This not only helps you as a biker but also other vehicles on the road as it reduces traffic and can help avoid accidents.

Another huge benefit is the reduction of pollution. Since air quality is a concern in the larger cities, such as Los Angeles, reducing your carbon footprint is a great benefit. Motorcycles already produce less pollution than other vehicles, and with lane splitting, you are moving through traffic faster and not remaining there like other vehicles stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic letting off emissions.

While it may seem dangerous for a motorcycle to ride besides vehicles outside a set lane, research shows it is safer than sitting behind a vehicle. Of course, when you do practice lane splitting, you need to obey the speed limit and stay alert for cars moving between lanes. Zipping through traffic can be hazardous if you are not following other general motorcycle safety habits. This information is for education and is not legal advice.