One of the most effective ways for motorcyclists to stay safe on California’s roads is to ensure that drivers see them. Despite that, many motorcyclists refuse to don high-visibility gear, which could save their lives. Why?

Forbes examines the issue to uncover answers. See if you agree with the findings, and better understand how you can avoid an unnecessary accident.

Visibility and appearance

While high-visibility gear can prevent an unnecessary motorcycle fatality, most motorcyclists confess that they do not like the overall appearance of such helmets, jackets, boots and the like. Despite these findings, those who wear visibility gear while taking to the streets do so because of past accidents or because they know someone who sustained an injury or died in a motorcycle accident.

Wider use of high-visibility equipment

So, what are some ways that motorcyclists may become more willing to wear gear designed to boost their overall visibility? One suggestion is that insurance carriers offer discounts for policyholders who wear high-visibility gear. Another is to include statistics and advantages with educational messages about wearing such equipment. Simply making visibility protection more attractive is another incentive to help convince motorcyclists. Also, convincing cyclists to wear gear at night, during storms and for foggy and otherwise low-visibility riding days may also convince riders to wear proper equipment.

Do you identify with the above reasons for not wearing high-visibility gear while riding your motorcycle? No matter if you agree with the above reasons or not, you can surely understand the importance of taking steps to ensure drivers can easily see you while you ride.