Vehicles almost always pack the roads in southern California, and your motorcycle can give you an advantage as you slip through dead-locked cars. 

However, your smaller profile can make it more difficult for other drivers to see you. This can especially be the case at intersections, where FindLaw reports that close to three-quarters of car and motorcycle accidents happen. 

We believe that motorists have a duty to observe all of the potential hazards in the roadway, no matter their size. We have put together a brief list of a few dangers for you to be aware of in an intersection. 

Speeding through intersections 

Drivers speeding through intersections have less time to expand their awareness of other vehicles in or about to enter a crossing. When they concentrate on getting through a stale green or yellow light as fast as possible, their focus could travel even further away from potential obstacles. Motorcycles, which are already more likely to be partially obscured in an intersection, have a higher chance of suffering a collision with an unobservant driver in a speeding car. 

Failing to yield right-of-way 

Failing to yield the right-of-way in an intersection is already a common cause of vehicle crashes. Drivers that watch oncoming traffic for cars and trucks before making a left turn sometimes forget that motorcycles may be traveling toward them as well. Motorists at stop signs might not consider a motorcycle to have the same right-of-way as other cars and start forward while a rider is still in the intersection. 

Driving while impaired or distracted 

There are almost an unlimited number of things that could impair or distract an automobile driver. Drugs, alcohol and cell phones may cause a driver to damage another car in a collision, and that same crash could kill a motorcycle rider. Technology is also making it easier for drivers to take their eyes off of the road as they concentrate on their GPS or music selection. 

Motorcycles do not have the same kind of physical protections that cars do, so you already have a higher risk of a severe injury in a collision. When automobile drivers fail to recognize their role in preventing accidents with all vehicles and not merely other cars, an intersection can be a dangerous place. For more information on riding through intersections, please visit our webpage.