All drivers share the road in California. When motorcyclists go up against trucks, it is often scarier for the motorcyclist. There is a good reason for that, too. Due to size differences, the motorcyclist is always the one who faces worse injuries in a crash.

Today we will look at a specific danger that truckers pose to motorcyclists. We will look at the rate of driver fatigue in truckers. We will also see how that may impact the safety of motorcyclists.n

Why alertness tricks do not work

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration looks into drowsy driving. In specific, they discuss some tips about combating driver fatigue. One of their primary tips is not to rely on “alertness tricks”. This includes driving with the windows down or with the music blasting. Drivers use alertness tricks to “trick” their body into feeling more awake. These tricks often involve loud noises or cold temperatures.

But alertness tricks are not reliable. They do not always keep people awake. And unfortunately, truck drivers often rely on them. Many swear by alertness tricks. These tricks range from swearing by specific AC temperatures to drinking certain coffees.

Dangers in the trucking industry

Many truckers have also said that their industry is rife with bad driving behaviors. For example, some companies encourage drivers to operate their trucks while fatigued. This is because truckers who drive more get more work done in a day. Unfortunately, many truckers also take this attitude toward their work. This endangers other drivers. In particular, it puts motorcyclists at enormous risk.

It is important for all motorcyclists to understand the unique dangers they face. Be aware of the issue of drowsy driving in the industry and how it may impact you.