Like many others, you may choose a motorcycle as your preferred mode of transportation, or you may simply enjoy riding as a means of relaxation. Unfortunately, however, motorcycle collisions occur all too often on the streets and highways throughout the state.

Lacking any exterior vehicle protection, the gear you wear when motorcycling may help shield you from potentially serious or catastrophic injuries in the event of a crash.


According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, should you get into a motorcycle accident while riding, having on the right clothing may provide valuable protection. For example, this includes wearing a jacket, long pants, and close-toe shoes or over-the-ankle boots. Not only may this gear protect you from debris and road-related injuries due to falling or getting thrown from your vehicle, but it may also help safeguard you from weather-related issues while riding, including sun or windburn, dehydration, severe chill and fatigue.

Face protection

In addition to wearing the right clothing while riding, you should also wear protection for your face, eyes and ears. A face shield and goggles may help defend your face and eyes from wind, dirt, dust, pebbles, rain, insects and other types of debris. Using ear protection while motorcycling may help you prevent hearing loss or other such issues relating to wind and other elements of nature while riding. Should you wear ear protection, however, you should keep in mind that your coverings or earplugs cannot impede your ability to hear vehicle horns or emergency sirens.


Perhaps the most valuable piece of protective gear you can wear while motorcycling, state law requires riders to wear helmets that comply with federal safety standards. In addition to choosing a helmet with the manufacturer-applied U.S. Department of Transportation lettering on the back, you may benefit from ensuring that the helmet you select does not have any cracks, frayed straps, loose padding or other such defects. Additionally, it should fit snugly all-around your head, and you should ensure you securely fasten it when you ride.