While collisions are a possibility anytime one rides a motorcycle in California, the reality is that most riders have never been involved in a crash before. Like any type of accident, a motorcycle crash can be a overwhelming and life altering experience. The injuries and damages can be significant, causing a victim to wonder if they will be able to return to their normal life again. While injuries can heal, the effects the incident has on a victim may never fade. The mental and emotional anguish an accident can have on a victim could last his or her entire lifetime.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

At the time of the accident or the days following, victims of a motorcycle accident are likely to have the following feelings. This can include shock, trouble believing they were just involved in an accident, anger, nervousness, worry, fear, uneasiness and even guilt. These feelings are considered completely normal; however, for some, the events leading up to the accident and the experience of the event can keep running through a victims mind. This can cause these feelings to intensify, making it difficult to get the accident out of their mind and even prevent them from returning to their normal life.

Despite these emotions being normal, when they are strong and a victim is unable to overcome them, this could signify post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

PTSD related to a crash

There are some indicators of suffering PTSD following a motorcycle accident. This includes the ongoing feeling of uneasiness, anxiety about operating or riding in motor vehicles, not wanting to have any medical tests or procedures done despite needing them due to the accident they were in, irritability, excessive worrying or anger, nightmares, trouble sleeping, the feeling that one is not connected to other people or events or ongoing memories of the accident that cannot be stopped or controlled.

While the injuries, harms and damages suffered by an accident victim can vary, many experience emotional trauma to some degree. When one is unable to cope with the accident, this could evolve into PTSD. This often requires additional treatments and life changes, which could be costly and life altering.

The aftermath of a motorcycle crash can bring about many unexpected harms and damages. Such an incident can shake the lives of a victim, causing them to navigate life in a new way. The effects of the crash could be long lasting, making it imperative to consider this when seeking damages through a personal injury action. Suffering from PTSD could impact one in various areas of their life, requiring ongoing care, assessment and changes. Thus, this should be a factor when consider the damages suffered in a motorcycle accident.