A pileup of motorcycles in the Santa Clarita Valley forced authorities to close multiple lanes of I-5 southbound while they investigated the crash.

Police indicated that three people suffered injuries that authorities described as moderate. Rescuers transported two of the motorcyclists involved in this accident to nearby hospitals.

The accident happened in the early afternoon hours and reportedly involved between six and eight motorcycles.

Police said the motorcyclists were traveling as a group. The investigation is continuing.

Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated

This motorcycle accident might strike some Los Angeles area residents as a bit unusual. Many motorcycle collisions, after all, involve a single car colliding with a bike, and not multiple motorcycles colliding with each other. By their

Multi-vehicle accidents of this nature can be complicated since it could be hard to determine exactly who is responsible for the accident. There will no doubt be a number of contributing factors to a chain-reaction collision.

Furthermore, there could be a number of insurance companies involved in the case, which could make a victim’s road to compensation hard to navigate legally.

The handling of any personal injury claim based on a motorcycle accident requires attention to detail. Victims will often be counting on receiving compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages.

However, after a complex accident like the recent one near Santa Clarita, getting compensation to victims will likely require some special skills with motorcycle accidents  that only considerable legal knowledge and experience can develop.