Bicycle Accident Results

$230,000 – Bicyclist Injured When Car Pulls Into Gas Station

Our bicycle accident attorney obtained a $230,000 settlement for our 62-year-old business executive client was riding his bike eastbound on San Vicente Boulevard just east of 26th Street in Santa Monica. The defendant driver was traveling eastbound in her Ford Mustang. The defendant abruptly attempted a right turn into a gas station at the corner, cutting off our client, who struck her car and flew over her hood, landing on the ground. Our client was not injured at the scene of the accident, got up and rode his bicycle home. Neither the police nor paramedics were called to the scene. One month later, our client had some right knee complaints and was examined by his doctor and had an MRI study. Two months later, our client sought a second opinion from another doctor. Our client had no other medical treatment and had only $2,500 in medical bills as a result of the accident. The MRI demonstrated a meniscus tear and a non-displaced tibial plateau fracture. We argued that although surgery was not required at that time, in the future our client may require a total knee replacement due to arthritis that would develop as a result of the injuries. The defendant disputed the medical contentions, stating that our client could not have been seriously injured from the accident since our client did not claim injury at the accident scene, rode his bike away and did not seek medical attention until one month after the accident. The defendant also argued our client was at fault for the accident because he was riding his bicycle too fast and not paying attention. The resulting settlement we obtained provided full and fair compensation for our client’s injuries.
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$100,000 – Bicycle Accident

Our bicycle accident attorney obtained a $100,000 policy limits settlement for our 46 year old student services coordinator, who was riding his bicycle southbound on Bake Parkway in the bicycle lane in Lake Forest at the intersection with Commerce Center Drive, when the defendant motorist James Ray Carlyle, who was driving a 2006 Chevrolet 1500 truck southbound on Bake Parkway, suddenly attempted to make a right turn onto Commerce Centre Drive from the number one lane, cutting our client off and causing our client to hit defendant’s vehicle. Our client was significantly injured and sustained five rib fractures and a left clavicle fracture which required surgery in the form of an open reduction and internal fixation a few weeks later. Our client had approximately $29,000 in medical bills from his injuries, treatment and surgery. We were successful in obtaining the maximum compensation available through the insurance policy limits of the defendant motorist to help our client pay for his medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.
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$675,000 – Movie Actor Runs Over Two Pedestrians in Cross Walk

Our two clients were walking back from the world premiere after-party for the movie “The Watchman” at Club Avalon in Hollywood. The defendant, a 16-year-old movie star, who was a recently licensed driver, struck our clients with his 2008 Land Rover as they were legally in the crosswalk at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Avenue. The defendant driver was making a left turn and cut off another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The impact of those vehicles caused the Land Rover to move to the left and strike our clients. One of clients was thrown about ten feet and suffered multiple pelvic fractures. The other client was knocked over, and Land Rover’s tire crushed her leg. She sustained right ankle fractures and a torn meniscus in her right knee requiring surgery. Our clients’ combined medical expenses were approximately $98,000. The defendant movie actor only had $200,000 of insurance coverage. His insurance company immediately offered the $200,000 to settle the case. We refused to accept the settlement in light of the serious injuries sustained by our clients. The defendant’s first lawyer, a prominent Hollywood attorney, claimed the defendant had no money to contribute to a settlement personally, as he had spent all of his previous earnings. After a month of negotiations and the threat of litigation, which we believe the defendant preferred to avoid due to unwanted negative publicity, the defendant fired his first lawyer and hired new counsel. We pursued settlement discussions with the new lawyer and ultimately obtained a comprehensive global settlement of $675,000 for our clients injuries, which included a $435,000 contribution from the defendant movie star personally. As a result of our efforts, we held the defendant liable for his actions and our clients were fully compensated for their injuries.
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