Client Reviews

Here are a few testimonials from past clients, attorneys, doctors and other professionals that have worked with our firm. Read what they have to say about our results and representation.

“Scott Corwin handled my motorcycle accident. My injuries and recovery came first throughout the process. I was given VIP treatment at each facility I treated, and Scott checked in throughout the treatment to make sure I was improving. The case was resolved very quickly once I was finished with treatment and Scott handled everything! I never saw a bill, never dealt with insurance companies or doctors, just a couple of phone calls with Scott. I would recommend Scott to all of my friends and family. If you’re thinking of trying to handle your personal injury accident case on your own, you’re making a mistake. Let Scott do all of the work, and you focus on getting better.

“Scott and his team were amazing. When I got into my motorcycle accident I was nervous and shaken and unsure about what to do. Him and his team guided me in the right direction and made sure I had everything I needed through the process. They reached an agreement with insurance in a timely manner and completely exceeded my expectations. If you or someone you know ever needs assistance after an accident do not hesitate to contact Scott. I will forever be grateful to Scott J. Corwin and his fantastic team!”

“I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Scott Corwin was very effective and helped me through a very hard time. He explained everything, good and bad, about dealing with an insurance company that did everything they could to not pay my claim fairly. Scott got me what I needed and more – And- he did it within 30 days. He’s good.”

“I was rear ended on my motorcycle while waiting for a stoplight by the car behind me when they were rear ended by a distracted driver using her phone. The front end of her car was demolished, the rear end of his car was demolished, my motorcycle was totaled and I was taken to the hospital emergency room in an ambulance. I had a huge hospital bill and a lot of psychological trauma and physical pain. The next day I googled accident injury attorneys in Los Angeles and came across Scott’s listing and after reading some reviews and doing some online research I called his office and spoke with his assistant, told her my situation and he called me back within 30 minutes. After learning the facts of my case he took me on as a client and by following his advice each step of the way I ended up with a much higher settlement then I had anticipated. He understand how to navigate the bureaucracy and the business of accident injury recovery very well and if you need an attorney to fight for you because you have been injured by someone’s negligence in an accident, I highly recommend calling Scott Corwin.”

“I was involved in a hit and run while riding my motorcycle home from USC campus. After getting out of the hospital, I began to research attorney’s in the LA area. I saw Mr. Corwin’s ratings/reviews and called his office. After a few email exchanges, a check for my settlement arrived in the mail a couple weeks later. He works fast and efficiently. One can tell he has been doing this for quite some time. He will respond quickly and even took my phone call on Christmas Eve. 5-stars.”

“I was riding my bicycle at approximately 15 mph in the bike lane when a driver quickly rolled a stop sign and made a right hand turn forcing me to veer left but I still got “hip-checked” by the vehicle. The driver stated she was already established in her lane and completed her turn when we collided. Since there were no witnesses, the case was a “he said – she-said”. Scott was able to get me a positive settlement because he is a true professional.”

“I was involved in a bike accident and Scott got my case settled in a very quick and efficient manner. Scott is too the point and extremely knowledgeable and truthful. Top Notch.”

“Scott, after 40 years I have finally decided to take an early retirement. You have been a tough adversary but you clearly have always have the best interests of your clients at heart and have always been professional towards me. I have really appreciated working with you through all these past years. I am also aware of the wonderful things that read more >

“I contacted Scott because, unfortunately, my father was in a motorcycle accident. I was terrified and had no idea what I needed to do. Scott got back to me soon after my first phone call to his office. His assistant, Julie, was so helpful as well. Scott was always honest and upfront about everything from the very start. His hard work got my dad read more >

“After crashing my motorcycle into a car that had pulled out in front of me, I googled top motorcycle lawyers in the area and Scott’s name was at the top of the list. He had someone in my hospital room shortly, didn’t waste any time, and reached a settlement in just a few months read more >

as well. Given the details of my insurance coverage and how much they were willing to pay the hospital(I had 2 broken bones and surgery), I honestly feel the settlement amount would have been a lot lower if someone else had been handling the case. I would bet that this is why his reviews are so good and why he is so successful. Highly recommended.”

“Scott is a true professional. My case was completed very quickly and painlessly. When I first spoke with Scott, I was told the truth. Not things I wanted to hear like I was getting from other lawyers I spoke with regarding my accident case. It was the one thing that made me choose read more >

Scott. Scott was able to get me what I deserved in a very short amount of time. I would highly recommend Scott as counsel to any of my family members or good friends.”

“Last November I was rear ended on my motorcycle by a truck. I flew through the air and landed face down. After getting out of the hospital, I was told to get a lawyer. Thank God I found Scott. I received a call the same day and met with him the next. He took care of everything read more >

from dealing with the insurance to getting me the physical therapy I needed. He kept me up to date with everything and promptly responded to any emails that I sent. I would recommend Scott to anyone seeking legal representation.”

“Being a victim of a motorcycle accident, Scott did a superior job at handling my case for me. I originally intended on handling the case on my own until I realized a year and a half went by and had no progress. As soon as I hired Scott, I was given the maximum amount on the claim read more >

and we closed the case within a month. He is very up front and direct with his clients so be prepared. Nonetheless, his work ethic is as outstanding as it appears and will be referred to by anyone I know.”

“Definitely the best attorney in the Los Angeles area. Scott was honest and responsive from day one. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a true honest attorney.”

“I was in a pretty serious moped accident and did not know what to do. Scott took care of everything and got me paid in full. He’s very professional and would recommend him to anybody.”

“Scott and his team are the absolute best at what they do, he did an outstanding job at getting me the necessary medical attention and compensation needed for my injuries, from being hit on my motorcycle, I highly recommend Scott if you are needing professional legal read more >


“Scott helped me, my wife and daughter through a traumatic car crash late last year. We retained his services and Scott gave us his expert counsel every step of the way. If I emailed him on a Sunday, he would reply back in a timely fashion! He was able to have my read more >

family seen by a reputable chiropractor and over time, we all got back to manageable health. He recovered a decent settlement from the insurance company and was able to render payment quickly. We relocated to another state and Scott was able to get our settlement FedEx to us. I would call Scott again for future legal counsel.”

“I found Scott through some late night googling; I had been struck by a car riding my motorcycle home from work, the driver ended up rear ending me through an intersection. I emailed Scott explaining my situation and he promptly called me the next day (on a Sunday read more >

and his day off) to let me know he received my email and wanted to make sure I was okay. From there we set up an initial meeting to discuss the accident and my case, he was great and very accommodating, setting me up with great physical therapy. Scott can be very direct and to the point but that’s a necessary in these types of situations. He handled my case with great professionalism and understanding and ended up getting a settlement much higher than we had expected. If you’re a motorcycle rider and you have the unfortunate experience of being involved in an accident do not hesitate to reach out to Scott, he will take great care of you, I highly recommend him.”

“After being struck by an SUV while riding my bicycle, being taken away in an ambulance and spending time in the emergency room, I was nervous about my recovery, the bills that would pile up and how I would manage dealing with the motorists insurance company. I was read more >

referred to Scott Corwin by a friend-of-a-friend and after reviewing his website and online reviews I decided to pick up the phone and call. Scott saw me that evening, staying late in the office to meet with me personally and discuss the accident, my trajectory for physical recovery and the legal aspects of my case. He made no promises aside from his personal commitment to handling my case while I focus on recovery. I appreciated his candor, the right balance of aggressiveness and honesty alongside his dedication to my understanding and expectations of the overall recovery and legal process. I know he works around the clock for his clients because he would often send or respond to my emails late into the night or early in the morning. He would always return my calls and communicate efficiently. He respected my time while ensuring that progress was being made both with my physical recovery and with regards to the case. After my recovery process, he produced results for my case that far exceeded my expectations. I would be eager and proud to recommend him to anyone in the unfortunate and stressful aftermath of an accident.”

“Wow, what a great office. The minute the phone was answered I knew I had a good law firm. I got Scott on the phone in seconds. He made an appointment the same day and took my case. He did more the next day than my prior attorney did in six months. I really feel comfortable read more >

in Scott’s hands. I went to meet him. He was prompt and ready, no waiting, which is important because I’m in a wheelchair. He took my case without asking for any money. Attitude is everything. Scott has a great attitude and made my wife and I feel really comfortable. Scott got right down to business and I was out of the office in less than two hours. Incredible how many bad attorneys are out there. Scott is the real deal. You will not regret hiring this guy. I promise. Finally piece of mind! Bravo.”

“There are very few things that are guaranteed when you get hit or injured on your motorcycle, I’d say the only two things you can just about always count on are unrelenting pain and huge medical bills. Well I think it is finally time to add something good to that read more >

“Five Stars. Fast, effective, painless … the lawyer, not the accident!”
– Kevon Houghton

“I was involved in a potentially fatal motorcycle accident after being cut off at high speed on the freeway. Miraculously, no major life-threatening injuries were incurred and I was let go from the hospital with diagnosis of a concussion, amnesia leading up to the read more >

“Attorney Scott represented me when I had a motorcycle accident in December of 2013. I had bounced around to different law offices who weighed my case for profitability and decided the return was not great enough for their time. I found attorney Scott via a general read more >

“When I had my motorcycle accident I didn’t want to engage an attorney, the lady who cut me off seemed nice enough, admitted it was her fault and said she would take care of anything I needed. That story changed really fast once the reality of my injuries was made clear read more >

“My son was injured by a vehicle while riding his bike home from school. Following the accident, the driver left the scene , and was later arrested. Having never been in a situation such as this, we came to the conclusion that we needed an attorney to represent our son. Scott J. Corwin read more >

“This was my first (and hopefully last) Moped accident. I almost settled for $300 the day after my accident because I felt no extreme pain. I figured being young and healthy I would just shake it off, until two days later when I woke up with a paralyzing pain down my right leg. I had read more >

Scott Corwin is professional, detailed and exceeded my expectations in what I was looking for in a lawyer. Scott has helped me through the entire process of my accident and subsequent case, every step of the way. I was overwhelmingly impressed with Scott during the read more >

“I am a police officer and was injured in a motorcycle accident on my way to work by a City of Los Angeles employee. I was hurt pretty bad; ended up having knee surgery and permanent injuries to my back. When I decided that I needed an attorney, I had no idea where to start; who was good, who wasn’t, who could I trust. Scott Corwin was recommended to me by a friend of the family and I am so glad he was. I read more >

“I highly recommend having Scott as my legal counsel for ANY personal injury case. I got into my first motorcycle accident and had no idea that I could be compensated for my injuries and for the damages done to my bike. Not to mention he sent me to a great chiropractor, who fixed all my back, neck and leg problems.”

“In April of 2012, I was involved in a motorcycle accident. In order to ensure proper handling of my case, I decided to obtain legal representation. I decide to contact Scott Corwin. He was very courteous and “to the point” in explaining the process. After speaking to him read more >

“Even though I stepped in for others mid process, Scott quickly caught me up and guided me through what remained to be done. Although some of it was complicated and not clear cut, Scott explained it all very thoroughly and I was completely prepared before signing any documents. We got a quick and excellent result due to Scott’s efforts!”

“Scott J Corwin made my first experience in an accident a less stressful one. Being inexperienced in the process of dealing with an accident, he clearly explained the process in detail to me and it was his priority to make me feel taken care of, both by his staff and the physician. He is constant contact with you throughout the whole process and makes himself available for any questions or concerns that may arise. My case was settled quite quickly and was amazed by the results.”

“Scott was fabulous. His team met with my husband and myself and did not give empty promises. Although my husband and I did not get drastically hurt we did get hurt non the less. Scott and his team were very upfront with us and told us not to expect too much, however in the end he and his team got my husband and myself a great settlement. If I ever need a lawyer again Scott and his team will be the first people I call. We could not have asked for more. Scott was very responsive and very helpful with all the information and let us know exactly what was going on every step of the way.”

“Scott always exceeds our expectations. This is the second time my family uses his services and we were satisfied with the results both times. He really walks you through the process and clearly explained to us the steps needed. His staff was also very resourceful and friendly. If you are looking to win your case we highly recommend you get in contact with Scott!”

“Scott always exceeds our expectations. This is the second time my family uses his services and we were satisfied with the results both times. He really walks you through the process and clearly explained to us the steps needed. His staff was also very resourceful and friendly. If you are looking to win your case we highly recommend you get in contact with Scott!”

“It was a pleasure working with Scott. He was knowledgeable and helpful during such a stressful time. Most importantly, he was very fast in getting my settlement and resolving my legal matters in a timely fashion.”

“Best injury lawyer I know. I had the pleasure to meet Scott for the first time 25 years ago through a mutual friend. During this time, any time I needed an injury attorney, I reached out to Scott. He is honest, sharp, meticulous and no nonsense. I trust his integrity and am sure he will work for the benefit of his clients.”

“This is the second time I’ve used Scott in the last 5 years. He’s probably the most responsive lawyer ever. I’d imagine that most lawyers have you communicate with their assistants or paralegals. Scott always responds himself and is quick to do so. He’s on top of everything in your case and will keep in touch with you. I know for a fact not all lawyers operate that way. If Scott takes your case, just know that he won’t be someone you’ll have to chase down and he’ll do what he can to get you help and position you for the best settlement.”

“Scott has been very professional and handled my case beyond my expectations. I do recommend Scott Corwin.”

“Scott and his team were very helpful when I was in my first accident. If I had a question they would answer within the same day which I loved. This was a very stressful and awful experience but Scott and his team made it better and took care of everything. Super-fast and super professional.”

“Scott is great, he guided me through all the process and made sure I knew everything about my case. He was always available whenever I had to contact him. I highly recommend him.”

“Incredible team could not be happier they are the best we are Grateful for all of their help they will go over and beyond to make sure you get the best possible Outcome for your case thanks again Scott.”

“After I was hit by a car at a pedestrian crosswalk, I was extremely stressed, worried, and confused about how to proceed. I contacted a few local law offices and was grateful that Taylor followed up with me a few days after our first conversation. After speaking with both Scott and Taylor, I felt comfortable proceeding, though I wondered how involved I’d have to be as I just wanted to focus on healing. The speediness was great, after our first meeting I walked out with the necessary appointments and instructions on the next steps. I only had to communicate with his office on very few occasions. This was crucial for me as I wanted to resume with my normal life and didn’t want to be concerned with details and time consumption of the accident. I didn’t want more emotional anguish after the trauma of the accident and hospital visit; and having him on my case allowed me to relax. I’m so glad that I selected Scott Corwin and his team. He was able to settle the case for the defendant’s insurance policy limit and it was a stress free process for me. I’d gladly recommend someone in a similar situation who wants to have complete trust in their lawyer to talk to Scott and his team.”

“I would recommend Mr Corwin and his staff to anyone seeking help in an auto or personal injury case. You can expect exactly what he tells you. No guessing games with him or his staff. They are quick to help and make you feel at ease and in great hands.”

“My daughter and I were in a major traffic accident. Scott was recommended to me by a family member. He is not the cute and cuddly tv lawyer like People’s Court. Scott Corwin is a kick-ass, no holds bar, get the job done attorney. We were in a new car in two weeks, treating with doctors within days and recovered with a sizeable settlement in a few months. YEP! SCOTT IS THAT GOOD! Big thanks to Julie & Taylor you ladies are awesome.”

Scott Corwin is a no nonsense get the job done in the most efficient way possible attorney. If your looking to win look no further! I hired Scott because my first attorney fired me as a client (5 months). After about 3 weeks of working with Scott my case settled (great large settlement)! I could not be happier with this out come! Everyone in his office are great at their jobs! I hope I never need an attorney for an injury like this again, but if I do I know I have the right team in my corner. I would give 10 stars if I could!”

“I was involved in an car accident a few months ago and thanks to Mr. Corwin and his team of legal professionals I was able to reach a settlement and get my personal injury/vehicle needs addressed in a very expeditious and timely manner which cannot go unnoticed. So, if you prefer dealing with an attorney who is super thorough and will always maximize the end results pertaining to your case then Mr. Corwin is your sole option. His body of work and class are second to none. Thank you again and God bless!”

“I have had the pleasure of being Scott’s client more than once in the last couple of decades and every time I feel like I am in good hands. I just had the unfortunate experience of being a passenger in a ride share accident and, as good as I know he is, he exceeded my expectations all over again. Thanks Scott!”

“The day after Christmas I was involved in a bad car accident and I was referred to Scott through a fellow family member. Scott worked diligently and swiftly with my case throughout the whole process and ensured me I was in good hands the whole time. Scott and his team listened to all my needs and made sure they sent me to the best doctors near my house and job. That is also one thing about Scott and his team, they always put their clients first and because of this I was able to recover through a great chiropractor. Overall, Scott and his team communicated with you in a timely manner, were very sincere and genuine people, and did what was best for me. Not only that, but Scott was always a phone call or email away so you were never waiting for a response. He also was very precise about what was needed throughout the case in order to move forward. In the end these clientele relationships matter and I’m happy to have worked with Scott. Thank you for your help Scott and team.”

“Five-stars! I had a great experience working with Mr. Corwin. I thought he made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. Will be recommending friends in the future.”

“Scott did an excellent job providing me with all the information I needed to know regarding my case. He was very informative and had a can-do attitude. I felt at ease knowing he was handling my case. Would definitely work with him again in the future.”

“Scott brought me justice! I cannot thank him and his staff enough. Why I like Scott: He is direct, clear when communicating and efficient. While I was able to live my life, Scott was behind the scenes doing his job to get me the money I deserved. He was able to double the initial offer from the other driver’s insurance. His staff is friendly and quick- working together was easy. Scott is professional, works around the clock, is surrounded by good people, and does not waste your time. He did his job so I could do mine. I would come back to Scott over and over again.”

“So you’ve been injured in a car accident and you are seeking an experienced attorney to handle your case. Let me just say that Scott Corwin does his job well. His priority is to make sure that you’ve fully recovered from your injuries. This is the second time I have retained Scott as my attorney to handle my case. I was involved in an auto accident. After all the initial review of my case and gathering of info he immediately refered me to a doctor to handle my rehab. I am happy to say that I am fully recovered and happy with the job Scott has done for me. I highly recommend Scott to be your attorney.”

“I’ve known Scott for over ten years. I was 8 months pregnant back in 2008 and was rear ended while I was stopped at a red light. The process was quick he settled the case in less than 6 months and the settlement was way more than I expected. In October of 2018 I was rear ended again on the freeway by a distracted driver. I called Scott’s office and Julie took my information she’s incredible, and extremely experienced. I have a very busy work schedule and I loved the fact that I was able to do everything through email. In one day she found a chiropractor in my area and they got the case going. My accident was in October and he already settled the case for a ridiculous amount. There is no accident attorney like Scott he’s extremely experienced, efficient and reliable.”

“I have to say Scott Corwin has exceed my expectations in working with him. I was referred to him from a co-worker. He was one of many personally referred to me but I decided to go with him because he didn’t try to promise me the moon. Instead, he laid out the options and possibilities available. In the end, I ended up with more than I expected. Thank you Scott and your team for representing me and helping in times of need.”

“I received a referral after a car accident that totaled my car and put me in a lot of pain. Scott and Julie were immediately supportive and got me to a chiropractor within the hour to start treatment. He was fast, responsive, and prompt in dealing with my case. I was very thankful to have this amazing support throughout this process.”

“Scott is the best personal injury motor vehicle accident attorney around! I should know. I was injured in a car accident last year and hurt my back and neck. Scott listened to my story and then handled my case in a skilled and efficient manner. His office staff was congenial and helpful. What was amazing was how responsive Scott was to my calls and emails. When he wasn’t around he would return calls promptly and he responded to my emails at all times of day or night. Scott also got me to a doctor that took care of me and healed me so that I made a complete recovery from my injuries. What seems unique about Scott, compared to other attorneys I have heard about is that Scott didn’t just treat me like a number or a case. He was personally involved and showed me that he cared about my case. Scott got me more money than I expected to receive in a very quick time. From the time I was released from the doctor to the time I received my check from his office – about two months. I have also since referred two friends of mine to Scott and they have reported back to me that he took care of their cases in the same way he took care of my case.”

“My wife and I were victims of road rage. Driver rear-ended us, not once, not twice, but three times to get us out of the HOV lane. We suffered property damage and physical injuries. In our search for representation, my wife came across Scott J. Corwin on line. My wife and I discussed our options and decided to go with Scott based on his experience. After our preliminary consultation Scott and his team moved quickly to get us set up with the proper medical treatment and also moved quickly to get our vehicle repair and roadworthy again. Within six months, Scott got us a generous settlement but more importantly my wife and I received the therapy we needed to recover from our injuries. I hope we never experience such a traumatic course of events again, if we ever do, our first phone call will be to Scott and his legal team. Thanks Scott!”

“Mr. Corwin is literally the best at what he does! He is an awesome attorney, he will fight hard for you in your accident injury case. This is actually my second time hiring Mr. Corwin to represent me in two separate car injury cases. In 2017 I was struck by a car as a pedestrian and injured and also late 2018 I was rear ended and both me and my daughter was injured. Mr. Corwin and his assistant Julie took special care right from the start on both cases, suggested and awesome doctor that helped me recover from my injuries and in the end, I walked away with an overly satisfying settlement both times. I am a very happy client and would suggest him to handle all your personal injury claims, stress free!”

“Scott is a fantastic lawyer who I would recommend to anyone who is dealing with a personal injury claim. My car was totaled while I was driving home from work which resulted in a back injury. Scott took the case and it couldn’t have gone better. He handled all of the back and forth with the insurance companies and my settlement at the end was more than I expected. Scott was efficient and professional in handling my case. Scott even helped me get a few extra days complementary on my rental car. I would highly recommend Scott J. Corwin‘s legal services to anybody who needs an extremely competent and professional lawyer on their side. He goes above and beyond my expectations for a good lawyer.”

“I’ve had the bad luck to need a personal injury attorney three times in the last 20 years – and the good luck to know Scott Corwin, so I’m taking some time to tell you about my experiences. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be a nightmare: stressful, emotional, and when I had to deal with it on my own once, I found it humiliating. In all three of my cases with Scott, including one that took more than a year to settle because my injuries were complicated and required neck surgery, Scott represented me competently, diligently, and with integrity. read more >

“I was rear ended by a distracted driver last year in LA, that same evening I went home and Googled best personal injury attorney in LA, I found Scott. Called him early the next morning, met with him the following day and had my first therapy appt the same afternoon. Efficient, professional and communicative. From start to finish. read more >

“I was rear ended on the freeway in December 2017. I was having severe back pain. Mr. Corwin was recommended to me by brother in law so I met with Julie and Scott Corwin in his office. I was taken care of right away. I recommend him to anyone that is need of an attorney. I really am thankful for all your services and attention to my needs, Scott. Thank you.”

“My first accident and I didn’t know what to do. In the end of March I was involved in a car accident. The guy who hit me hired a lawyer so I decided to get one too. Scott and Julie were very helpful and we were able to settle the case quickly. read more >

“Back in January, I was rear ended while completely stopped at a red light. It was my first accident where I was injured and I was a little lost on what I was supposed to do. I googled lawyers in Los Angeles and Scott’s name came up. He had a lot of 5 star reviews so I went with his. read more >

“5-Stars! Scott is a great attorney and was able to reach my settlement quickly.”

“5-STARS. My vehicle was rear ended while driving on a highway in Los Angeles recently. My head, neck, back and knee were hurt very badly due to the auto collision. I contacted Scott J. Corwin and his team as I was unsure of what to do and how to go about handling the collision case with the other drivers involved and auto insurance companies after the accident. I had never dealt with a vehicle collision in the past. Scott and his team are amazing at what they do. He guided me every step of the way through the collision case process and in the end he was able to have my vehicle promptly restored and my head, neck, back and knee healed. Thanks to Scott for referring me to a great team of chiropractors and for reaching a settlement quickly. If it weren’t for Scott, I may still be injured and in pain emotionally and physically, and may also have a vehicle without repairs. I highly recommend Scott J. Corwin as a legal representative and outstanding attorney to hire and work with.”

“I got hit on the freeway and the other driver hit me at 65 mph and my car was totaled. Found out I had a concussion and a pretty bad whiplash. Thankfully, I called Mr. Corwin as soon as it happened to see what my options where. He made sure I was safe and got me set up with a chiropractor so I could get back to normal. read more >

Scott Corwin stepped up to the plate and took on my case with ease and an unbeatable efficiency. My case was finished in no time and I am very happy with my settlement. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance. Thanks so much, Scott!”

“Mr Corwin did an amazing job, on my case, his staff was very helpful, and received me more than what I expected, this is a man/attorney that fights hard for the underdog, am glade to find him, and have him on my side, anyone can trust this attorney to get a swift and fair settlement, thank you!”

“Scott is a very good attorney. I got into an accident for the 1st time and I really doesn’t know what to do. He guided me all throughout and explained everything thoroughly. He was always there when you needed answers. He handled my case from the start professionally and settled it quickly. Highly recommended!”

“I was broadsided by a distracted driver who ran a stop sign. My car did a 180 and landed on the median. My car was totaled, I had a concussion and was physically injured. I called Scott on a on a Friday evening and he started working on my case right away. In less than 6 months, he won a better than expected settlement for me, and made sure all of my medical expenses were covered. I can’t thank Scott enough!”

“Scott and Julie handled my personal injury case in a very professional manner. Excellent and prompt communication! Very detail oriented. Scott reached a quick and satisfactory settlement. I am very appreciative for all of his work and assistance with my case. Thank you!”

“Scott handled my car accident case with such professionalism and compassion. Communication between Scott & Julie outstanding. Made sure I saw highly skilled doctors and therapist, making sure my health and physical issues where taken care of. The speed of the resolution of the case was great and the settlement very fair.”

“Scott represented my case and facilitated getting me on the road to recovery – not only for my car but my physical and mental well-being. Scott’s referred team of doctors and therapists were accommodating, personable and professional. The treatment facility was close to my home which was a relief. Scott negotiated a pleasurable settlement in which I am grateful! I will refer family and friends to Scott Corwin!”

“Scott and his staff responded to my call for assistance promptly and professionally. I was the victim of a hit and run auto accident left in pain and lots of medical bills. Scott was a able to get a speedy resolution to my case with a very fair and equitable settlement with my insurance company. I highly recommend Scott and his outstanding staff if you are looking for an attorney to help with your insurance or other legal claim.”

“I was hit in a T-bone accident after leaving work. I was examined in the ER for 4 hours with my brother by my side. I started searching for PI attorneys in LA and Scott was at the top of the list with the highest stars. Later on, I spoke with his assistant Julie on the web chat and had an appointment set up the next day. He called me personally read more >

“Scott helped me get a quick settlement on my case and we are super appreciative to his office for the help. I would recommend anyone with an accident on their hands contact Scott for help.”

“Scott handled my personal injury case in a very professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring creditable, accurate and extremely thorough legal representation for a personal injury matter. His track record and reputation speaks for itself and I will forever be grateful to him for achieving read more >

“I was involved in an auto accident In May 2017, and had no idea where to start. A co-worker told me about Scott J Corwin – A Professional Law Corporation. Immediately, I knew Scott was the right Attorney for the job. Scott has this no non-sense attitude, and exudes confidence that is undeniable. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my case.”

“I hired Scott J. Corwin after an Uber driver ran over my foot. After much in depth research, I settled on Scott J. Corwin to represent me and I’m extremely happy about that. He is an absolute professional. It was so smooth dealing with him. In a matter of just a few short weeks, I got a very satisfying compensation from Uber. read more >

“At the end of 2016, I was rear ended on the freeway by a vehicle moving full speed while I was at a stop. It was the first time I had been in an accident with an injury and I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I was referred to Mr. Corwin by a friend and I’m so glad I went to him. He was such a lifesaver in my case! read more >

Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation – 5 star Personal Injury Attorney, deserves the highest possible rating as I appreciate his professionalism and speed in the handling of my auto accident case. The settlement was provided and most importantly included extensive diagnostic evaluation and care treatments to elevate read more >

Scott Corwin, deserves the highest possible rating as I appreciate his professionalism and speed in the handling of my auto accident case. The settlement was provided and most importantly included extensive diagnostic evaluation and care treatments to elevate and care for the painful symptoms from a serious rear-end car accident. The terrifying read more >

“I was certainly not expecting to be seriously injured while out for a ten-mile run, until a left-turning Escalade rammed into me just past mile four, while I was halfway across the street. The collision kept me off the roads for three and a half months while I waited to heal. Though nothing was broken, thankfully, Mr. Corwin took my situation read more >

“I am truly grateful for the great experience that Mr. Corwin and his professional staff have. My accident case seemed hopeless, I had no one to turn to but after being highly recommended from a family member that had been helped in the past. Mr Corwin reviewed my accident case and without hesitation accepted to fight for my rights as a victim read more >

“My dad’s tragic car accident left such a big hole in our family’s hearts. Since my late dad was Indonesian (he visited States for pleasure), we were confused to find a lawyer who we could trust to handle his case. Fortunately, my cousin led our way to Scott J Corwin. He updated every little thing to us, he handled this case professionally fast read more >

“I was involved in a serious auto accident on September 15, 2015. After going to the doctor I looked for an attorney. I googled (best auto accident lawyer) and Scott Corwin‘s name was at the top of my search results. I contacted Scott immediately and described to him what happened to me and he scheduled an appointment for us to meet. read more >

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“We were rear-ended terribly on the freeway. Being our first time involved in a major car accident we had no idea what to do, let alone know which legal avenues to pursue. We were left hurt and without transportation. Scott Corwin explained the process to us every step of the way and read more >

“Scott and his team are professional, courteous, and are up front about expectations and keeping the client in the loop. After a severe car accident, in which my car was totaled, Scott was successful at resolving my case to my liking. read more >

“It happened in the blink of an eye, I approached an intersection and an overly ambitious driver turned in front of me causing a collision that totaled my car and left me with physical and emotional injuries that needed to be addressed immediately. I needed help, I needed representation, read more >

“I was lost after my car accident, but after talking to Scott I was completely at ease. He took care of business with the sense of urgency I needed. We wasted no time and Scott fought for me from start to finish.”

“If you need a lawyer don’t just get any lawyer! Scott was everything we could ever ask for in a lawyer and more. Being the professional he is, he made sure to have all our information, did not waste any time and confirmed every possible outcome. I’d recommend Scott to any person looking read more >

“Highly Recommended! My experience with Scott was great! He actually cares about his clients and continuously checks in and updates you on your case. When I was involved in a car accident he took care of literally everything, from dealing with the insurance companies to finding the right read more >

“My brother in law was in a very bad auto accident. We didn’t know where to start to assist him in recovering his losses. Scott took our case and handled everything and settled the case within weeks. We are very satisfied with his handling of our case. He kept in touch with us every step read more >

“Scott was the second attorney we contacted. The first attorney did nothing after 6 months! Scott took over and handled everything. The accident case was settled by Scott within weeks. We are very satisfied with his handling of our case.”

“After I got hit by a car while crossing the street, Scott Corwin solved everything for me from the day he took my case. He and his assistant Julie are competent, responsive, and very experienced in this legal area. They knew exactly what to do in my situation and made something confusing read more >

“‘I would just like to share my positive experience with the Corwin firm. After my accident I was very skeptical of all these Lawyers you see on T.V. Everyone promises the Best results! So I decided to do my homework. I researched Top Lawyers and came to the conclusion the firm of  read more >

“My boyfriend and I got rear-ended in a car accident last November. My boyfriend’s car was totaled and we both got bad neck injuries. We reached out to Scott and the process was fairly simple. He took care of everything from start to finish with only a few paperwork to review and sign. In a few read more >

“Being in an accident is hassle enough, but Scott made the process very easy. It was simple: sharing the story, providing necessary documents, and work on getting myself better; he takes care of the rest. Scott was available when I had questions and provided his best advice. He tells it like read more >

Scott Corwin provided prompt expert legal service from the initial consultation until my case concluded. Scott and/or his staff member kept me advised of the process, promptly responded to my questions and concerns. Excellent Attorney”

“Very professional. Outstanding service and excellent results. I am satisfied about My case. Thank You Scott.”

“Scott is your guy look no further. He came highly recommended by a friend that had a major motorcycle accident. From that trust I signed with Scott after my visit and never was disappointed. Tell Scott what happened sign paperwork and know that he is getting it done. After a difficult and read more >

“I was rear-ended on the freeway a few months ago. i was told to get a lawyer, so I did my research and finally contacted Scott J. Corwin. He came highly recommended. I left a message for Scott’s office and he called me back personally. I was pleasantly surprised to hear read more >

“I was referred to Scott Corwin by a friend and I was most pleased with how courteous and attentive to my needs he was. There was fast work and understanding. He is very professional and very helpful. Yes, I would hire him again if needed. Julie, his secretary was most read more >

“On March 28, 2015, a drunk driver ran into the back of my car at 60 mph, while I was turning. My wife and children were in the car at the time. Scott assured my family and I were in good hands. He always kept me up to date and made sure my medical needs were met. Now my read more >

“If you need help look no further than Scott, back in March on my birthday I was crossing the street and was struck by a vehicle never being in this situation I was a little skeptical about getting an attorney. I was unable to sleep at night due to my injuries so one night read more >

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“Scott and his staff took care of everything for me from start to finish!”

“Very professional and efficient attorney. I hired Mr. Corwin as my personal injury attorney. This was my first time ever dealing with an accident case. Mr. Corwin is very good at what he does and made me feel confident that I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Mr. read more >

“Being in a car accident is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Having Scott on my side as a lawyer to deal with the legal side of things definitely made everything go as smoothly as possible. The best quality he brought to the table as a lawyer was the fact that he was read more >

Scott Corwin is a top notch attorney. My husband and I were in a terrible car accident by a very senile man who fell asleep at the wheel. The car was totaled and we had to be transported to the ER in an ambulance. On top of that, my husband had just had knee surgery two weeks read more >

“I have been a client of Scott’s twice and have referred him to numerous friends and family. Recently my wife and I were in an accident and Scott handled everything from A to Z. He is a wonderful attorney and a trusted advisor. The entire experience could not have gone smoother. read more >

“Scott is a veteran lawyer with a specialty in auto accident injury law — His knowledge is impressive. He is very thorough and a detail oriented lawyer. I was definitely very fortunate to have him fighting for me and my rights. I highly recommend his services.”

“Best accident lawyer. Helped me with my hit and run case. He was able to get me outstanding results. Will recommend this lawyer to anyone who gets into an accident.”

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“I was in a car accident and immediately called Scott Corwin. I was in a lot of pain, and he found a doctor that could see me that same day. Scott settled my case in less than a month for much more than I expected. He knows exactly how to handle your car accident, reliving you read more >

“Four months ago I got rear ended by a drunk driver, my truck was a total loss. I contacted Scott and he immediately scheduled an appointment to meet up in his office. Scott was very professional and explained the whole process. I did not have to worry about anything Scott took in read more >

Scott Corwin demonstrates the highest professional service and ethics during my automobile case handling. He exceeded my expectation for which I thank you very much. Five Stars.”

“Scott is simply the best and most experienced attorney you will have had the pleasure to work with. My wife and myself were in a horrific car accident from a negligent driver and without Scott we truly would’ve been railroaded by the system. Scott stepped in for us and we just can’t read more >

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“I got hit by a car in a crosswalk and needed help. I called Scott Corwin after a few other attorneys said they’d call me back but didn’t. Scott hooked me up! I went to see him and he took care of everything. I didn’t have to lift a finger. Doctor visits, the hospital, and my job. Scott took care of it all. He’s as professional as it gets.”

“I contacted Scott six months back about an automobile accident I was in that totaled my car. He asked me to meet him at his office and was very personable and informative. I knew immediately I was in good hands. Scott and his assistant Julie were very patient with me in read more >

“I was rear-ended while waiting at a red light. Painful neck injury. Scott sent me to the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Scott was clear in his advice and responsive to my needs. He settled the case quickly and for top dollar.”

“Scott is definitely the best attorney for these type of cases hands down. He constantly stayed in contact with me as he worked hard on my case. He is very responsive and is the guy that will get the job done. I had absolutely no problems with him and recommend him to everyone!”

“Wow, where do I even start! I was in a car accident three weeks ago and at the time I was having a panic attack thinking about not only my injury but what do I do with my car, how will I get around, and how will I pay the bills. As a single working mom the stress was insurmountable. read more >

“I interviewed several other lawyers before choosing Scott. After interviewing the other lawyers I told them about choosing Scott. They had said, ‘I was in great hands.’ He was very straight forward and to the point. Scott was extremely organized and knowledgeable. He worked hard to read more >

Scott J. Corwin is a very professional lawyer. He handled my rear-end auto accident and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone needing an accident lawyer. I give him 5 stars!”
– Howard Carlstrom

“After hassling with insurance companies and being told my daughter had a preexisting injury I knew that we needed an attorney. I researched lawyers in the Los Angeles area online. I talked to several and decided Scott Corwin was who we needed for our particular case. What I liked about Scott was read more >

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Scott Corwin has now helped me through two car accidents and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is incredibly professional and doesn’t miss a beat with anything. Scott has made my personal injury cases smooth and taken all the stress out of them for me. My read more >

“Very professional, had absolutely no issues with my case. Scott did an amazing job. I am extremely happy with the outcome. I would recommend Scott to anyone that wants their case handled correctly.”
– Arturo Gonzalez

“I was recently involved in an accident on the freeway which left my car totaled, and both my neck and back in agony. I turned to Scott to take on my case and help me recover compensation and arrange my chiropractic treatment. The compensation that Scott managed to retrieve read more >

“I was in a car accident in the middle of Los Angeles rush hour traffic. I was terrified. I’d never been in a car accident before, let alone injured. I had no idea what to do. On a recommendation, I called Scott J. Corwin and immediately I was at ease. Scott was so extremely read more >

“While on vacation in Los Angeles I got into a pretty serious accident on the freeway. Being from Connecticut, and having no roots in the area I felt helpless to finding decent representation. The driver in the aforementioned accident recommended that I use his attorney Scott read more >

“After getting the run-around from the insurance companies, Scott Corwin took care of me after I was rear-ended in an automobile accident. He immediately booked my appointments to see a doctor and physical therapist. He was easily accessible via email and telephone and kept me read more >

“Upon meeting Scott Corwin for the first time, he really listened to each person involved in our car accident. Our case was strong and he initiated wellness therapy immediately. Throughout the case process he checked up with all of us and kept us informed. read more >

“Scott was professional, responsive and excellent. He wrapped my case up in a very short amount of time and got me a settlement far greater than I had thought possible. He’s everything you could ask for in a lawyer.”
– Justin Johns

Scott J. Corwin was referred to me by a friend and I must say that it was the best referral I have ever received. He is very reliable, he is very knowledgeable and he is for the client. Scott keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on throughout. read more >

“Scott did a wonderful job in handling our auto accident. He and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable in regards to any questions we had. Both my daughter and I are very grateful for Scott’s hard work on our behalf and for the settlement that read more >

“My New Year’s morning started off on a bad note when I was rear ended by a drunk driver! I was hurt and unsure of where to turn and what to do. I reached out to Scott Corwin as I had read the reviews online and had never sought help from an attorney before. read more >

“I felt nervous going to Scott’s office for the first time because my initial lawyer wasn’t doing much for my case. But Scott jumped in and made me feel at ease. He kept me informed through emails constantly letting me know what was going on with doctor visits read more >

Scott Corwin is exactly the guy to go to! He took care of all my needs immediately and most importantly did an extraordinary job making us feel secure and safe throughout the whole process. This is a hard working citizen with a heart of gold. A great choice for an accident attorney.”
– Gabriela Gonzalez

“We had a good experience using Scott for our accident claim. When the insurance company dropped the ball completely after my wife and child were hit, Scott took instant action in a fast and timely fashion. Thank you for your hard work.”
– Neal Kaufman

“I was in a car accident on Valentine’s day and ended going to the hospital. It was not the way my fiancé and I wanted to spend the day together, and after months of fighting with the insurance company, I finally looked up attorneys. Scott Corwin was the first read more >

“Scott made sure I was taken care of after my car accident. He asked me not to stress and the entire process was smooth. He is direct, thorough, and very efficient. I am very pleased with the outcome and his representation. He and his staff kept me in the loop read more >

Scott Corwin was highly recommended to me after I was rear ended. I called him and after meeting him I knew he was the right man for the job because he showed genuine interest in helping me with my case. Mr. Corwin always returned my calls and emails promptly read more >

Scott Corwin is a hard-working knowledgeable lawyer who will tell you upfront what the process will be and work long hours to make sure you get the results you are looking for. I called him with a complex case, he saw me the same day, told me how he thought read more >

Scott J. Corwin is a very professional lawyer. He took the time to keep me informed along the whole process. My case ended with great results. I would highly recommend his services for anyone in an auto accident. He is very caring and looks out for his clients best interest.”

“Last October my family and I were involved in a car accident in which we were hit from behind and suffered various injuries associated with the accident. I began doing research on finding the best possible lawyer to assist us and were looking for a lawyer read more >

“Scott handled my auto collision that left me with a moderate to severe cervical injury. The other insurance company wanted to settle for an offensively low amount but Scott was able to get me a settlement beyond my expectations. All of our communication was read more >

“Scott was very attentive to my personal injury case and available to answer any questions. He made sure my treatment was going well with my doctor visits and made time to discuss my case and settlement thoroughly. He came highly recommended by a friend.”
– Mitchell Seto

Scott J. Corwin, deserves the highest possible rating as I appreciate his professionalism and speed in the handling of my auto accident case that occurred in May 2013. Settlement was provided within five months and most importantly included extensive diagnostic read more >

Scott Corwin made things less stressful than I thought it would be and I knew that if I had any questions or concerns on anything, he would be there for me. It made things easier to deal with the unknown. When you have someone like Scott at the helm, you truly feel read more >

“When I was injured in an auto accident this year I immediately started looking for a lawyer. I contacted Scott’s office on a Friday evening and to my surprise my call was returned that same day. Throughout the process Scott has kept me in the loop and informed about read more >

“I was involved in an auto accident a few months back. It was not my fault; the guy blew through a red light and he even admitted to the cops it was his fault. Anyways I was looking for a good auto accident personal injury lawyer in the Riverside area, but didn’t get read more >

“I am happy to report that Scott achieved an excellent result for me on a personal injury matter that he handled for me. I was in a pretty severe car accident and, because I am an attorney myself, I considered handling my case on my own. However, based on the recommendation read more >

“Scott was an incredible attorney! I was at a stop light and was rear ended by an uninsured driver. I was taken away in an ambulance and my car was nearly totaled. Luckily I was covered by my insurance for uninsured drivers but unfortunately not covered enough. read more >

“I found Scott J. Corwin and selected him based on reading the actual reviews from real people, not those on a commercial posing as one. Who would have thought that I too would be one of those real people expressing my gratitude and personal thanks to his office. read more >

“I would first like to thank Mr. Corwin for being there when I needed him. I was involved in a rear end accident. I looked online for a Super Lawyer because I had preexisting conditions and was disabled and knew it would be a complex case. I found Mr. Corwin and sent him a message on his website. read more >

“Mr. Corwin represented me in a car accident case. His professional manner, experience and knowledge led to a successful outcome in my case. He was always available to answer any questions I had and provided guidance throughout my case. I would not hesitate to have him represent me should the need arise.”

“Scott is a best in class lawyer. He was professional, extremely organized and efficient, and executed my representation diligently to maximize my settlement. Scott’s professional practices dramatically improved my final settlement. I highly recommend him.”

“I know who the best auto personal injury lawyer is in town; Scott J. Corwin.”

“Scott the Insurance Slayer, Like rabbits out of a hat, I have watched your performances and seen what you have done, but it doesn’t seem possible. The clients are happy, the doctors are satisfied, you should be proud, and I am delighted. Bravo!”

“Thank you for your professionalism. You maximized the result for your client and did so much faster than 99% of lawyers ever could or would.”

“Scott is a fantastic lawyer. I began working with him after I was hit by a car last year and Scott jumped in immediately taking care of all my paperwork, all the voicemail messages I had gotten and getting me in to see the right doctors. read more >

“Scott is a fantastic lawyer. I retained him after someone ran a stop sign and totaled my car. He immediately jumped on my case, taking care of all accident related phone calls and emails which allowed me to focus strictly on my recovery. He was not only prompt in responding to my questions and concerns, but compassionate as well. He explained everything in detail so that I felt comfortable throughout this entire process. He is very easy to talk to, and just an overall great guy. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is seeking a personal injury lawyer!”
– Tammy Levine

“Scott is an excellent attorney! When I got into a big car accident, Scott was a godsend to me. He was able to get me compensation for my totaled car within two weeks. He referred me to the best doctors and physical therapists for my back injury. Communication with Scott is a breeze, he responds promptly to all emails and phone calls. Scott also got me a settlement that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Scott to anyone who has had a car accident or any other personal injury.”
– Miguel Orozco

“Scott is a professional attorney, very attentive and will be there 24/7. Scott will keep you informed with minute details. Scott made my case hassle free and settled my case in a few months. Scott has previously helped me, and took less than three months to settle my case previously as well. Simply, Scott is the best of the best.”
– George Velasco

“Scott made the aftermath of my car accident completely hassle free. He is a highly professional, attentive, and detail-oriented attorney. You want this man on your side. He settled my case quickly and efficiently, and was a true pleasure to work with. read more >

“Scott is a consummate professional – he handled our personal injury case in a timely manner, and my wife and I were highly satisfied with the results. It was our first time being in an accident like this (with a hit-and-run drunk driver, no less!), and we had no idea how to proceed. He walked us through the steps we needed to take, and took care of the rest. He’s a master to the point, timely communication, and a strong advocate with insurance companies. We were extremely surprised that he reached a settlement for us within four months from the date of our accident. read more >

“I had a great experience working with Scott. He handled my personal injury accident with no problems. The aftermath of an accident can be nerve wracking especially when you’ve been hurt. Scott immediately referred me to a chiropractor who took care of my injuries. The doctor and entire staff were super kind, super patient and super friendly. Scott took care of everything for me while I got better. I couldn’t have succeeded without him. Thank you Scott for great results all the way around!”
– Patti Iniguez

“After my accident I was in a lot of pain. It was hard to even move let alone worry about my case. It was such a relief to have Scott handle everything, he put my mind at ease. He took all the worry out of my case so I could concentrate on healing.”

“I had a great experience working with Mr. Corwin. He handled my accident case promptly and kept me informed during the entire process, with minimal effort on my part. My settlement ended up being even more than I expected. I feel that I can trust him, which is why I wouldn’t think twice about hiring him again. It’s nice to finally say, ‘I have a lawyer.'”

“Scott has now helped me with two cases and has been successful with both. Scott is the best around, he is hard working and honest. The kind of lawyer you want. read more >

“Stellar attorney! Scott Corwin took my personal injury claim and was extremely responsive, informative, and fair. He referred me to a wonderful doctor and won a substantial settlement on my case. It was a huge relief to know that Scott was handling all dealings with the insurance company. He and his assistant, Julie, ensured that all would be taken care of and were quick to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend him!”

“Scott is an excellent attorney and treated my case with great attention from start to finish. In fact, because the party at fault was underinsured, he is even pursuing additional compensation for me under the law. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident of any kind.”
– Jayne Anne Lane

“Scott was an excellent lawyer. He handled our case fast and worked with the other parties well. He is an honest attorney. I would use him again and again. He is a great attorney, he works hard to resolve your case. I was very happy that it was kept out of court, he was amazing! I would and I do refer him to anyone that needs an attorney for this type of law.”
– Jill Shively

“Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re reading this, you are most likely in the same shoes I was in when I got injured in an accident. I wanted the best legal support I could find to handle my read more >

“Efficient, Reliable and overall Amazing Attorney! Scott handled my case very professionally. He regularly kept me updated, explained the process thoroughly, and brought great results. He handled everything for me and I am very grateful he took my case. I highly recommend him!”

“My experience with Scott Corwin was excellent! He did a job well done! He is hard working, informative, and gets you the best possible settlement for your injuries. I can’t read more >

Scott Corwin is the real deal! He helped me with my case after I had to part ways with my other attorney for being no help at all. Scott is very hands on. He works very close with you and always keeps you in the loop of everything that’s going on with your case. Best of all you read more >

“Mr. Corwin handled my auto accident in 2011. He kept me in the loop every step of the way. He worked so hard, I would receive calls from him on the weekend and the evenings, to update me on my case. I have never worked with an Attorney that truly handled a case from A-Z read more >

“I had never sued anyone before and really didn’t like the idea. But when the insurance company of the person that hit me with his car treated me like they did, I had no other choice. The insurance company offered me $200 to settle my personal injury claim. A friend of mine highly recommended Scott Corwin. He helped me every step of the way and got me the medical help I needed too. I was not read more >

“The first thing that you’ll realize when you meet with Scott is that he’s a really sharp guy. The second thing you’ll realize is that he’s incredibly thorough. He did a great job of explaining the process to me up front and kept me well-informed throughout each step. He referred me to a read more >

Scott J. Corwin is an outstanding lawyer. While driving home with my sister and mom we were rear ended and forced into another car in front of mine. My car was totaled. Being a fairly new driver and the first time I was in a accident, I looked to the internet for the best lawyer I could get. And I found him. read more >

“After I was in a small car accident, I hired Scott J. Corwin. Mr. Corwin found a doctor for me, took care of all questions regarding the case and procedures, and bargained for a good settlement. Even minor accidents will benefit from retaining Scott Corwin!”
– Alex Singer

“A Very Capable and Competent Attorney Mr. Corwin did not hesitate to take on my very complicated and complex case. He not only moved quickly to resolve my situation in the most read more >

“I had hired a lawyer in North Carolina where my car accident took place, and they told me I had to wait a year before I could even start my settlement. When I tried to contact them, read more >

“Being new to the (legal) profession, Los Angeles, and the law – I had no idea where to turn once I was injured on the 405 by a news van driver. Scott came very highly referred and took read more >

“I highly recommend Scott J. Corwin. I was rear ended on the 405 Freeway early morning hours on my way to work and my Mustang was totaled. I suffered extreme back pain and went read more >

Scott Corwin is a great, hardworking, and talented lawyer. He always got back to me very quickly and explained everything very thoroughly. He also recommended me to read more >

“GREAT LAWYER. My family hired Mr. Corwin in regards to an auto accident and from the beginning of the case until the end his sense of urgency was commendable. He gathered all of the necessary information and returned all of my phone calls without delay. He stood by his word read more >

“I never wanted to be in a car accident, but working with Scott helped reassure me that everything would be taken care of. Scott was diligent, professional, compassionate, honest, and responsive. What was especially impressive was that Scott was able to get me literally 10 times read more >

“I got into a car accident and I thank god I found Scott Corwin right away. My chiropractor recommended him and he immediately handled everything I needed, smoothly and efficiently. I was treated with respect and all my questions or concerns were always readily answered by either himself or read more >

“The “Force” is with this man! I was in a right-of-way auto accident in January 2012. The other party was clearly at fault. I was referred to Scott Corwin after a false start with another attorney. My case was a bit of mess because the other insurance company was not going to accept read more >

“Our good friend Steve referred me to see Scott Corwin after I was in an accident last winter. It was a really scary and stressful incident that left me in a pretty bad situation. There were three cars including mine in the accident with one driver at fault. Despite the high medical bills of read more >

“This review is a 1,000-word narrative of my outstanding experience with Scott J. Corwin. I’m a 34-year-old writer. Frequent long-distance running is an important part of my well-being, and I’m in pretty good shape. You can imagine what a drag it was when, as I properly crossed the street in downtown LA, an utterly inattentive driver hit me, spraining my knee and running over my foot. It was scary, traumatic, and totally avoidable — the height read more >

“I was recently involved in an auto accident where another driver ran a red light and collided with me in an intersection. I have never used a personal injury attorney before, but my car was totaled, I sustained some soft tissue injuries, and the other driver did not seem to care that he caused the accident or my injuries. I found Scott J. Corwin on the internet doing a Google search in order to secure a personal read more >

Scott Corwin took over my case after I had to let go of my first attorney who was not competent. I was severely injured after being rear-ended in an auto accident, and Scott was there every step of the way to make sure I receive the medical care I needed, and did his best to obtain a great settlement for me. He is very compassionate and caring, and also full of integrity. I would recommend read more >

“Scott, I feel that the best personal injury lawyer in town was on my side. I had a horrific legal experience a few years ago with another car accident. I vowed to stay away from the legal system forever. But there was something about your confident, tenacious voice that made me trust you. We set up an appointment that night and you saw me immediately. You were patient and listened to me and our first read more >

“I was in an auto accident involving a man who tried to cross two lanes of an exit and across the 10 foot wide safety triangle in order to get back onto the main freeway. I spun across two lanes and back (because the hit locked my wheels in a turning position). It was a nightmare! read more >

“There’s a ton of attorneys in LA and I am blessed to have found Scott Corwin he was truly compassionate and caring throughout my entire case. After meeting with him I felt very confident that I made the right choice. Scott always stayed in contact with me to see how I was feeling read more >

“After my car was totaled and my injuries kept me hospitalized for six days, anxiety was building and medical bills were piling up. I was given Mr. Corwin’s phone number and assured he’d “take care of business”. He did not disappoint! From day one Mr. Corwin went above and beyond read more >

“I was involved in a car accident as a passenger and had a titanium rod put in my femur bone. I luckily found Mr. Corwin to represent my case. Since this was my first experience hiring an attorney I was not sure what to expect. He was very professional and efficient. read more >

“After being involved in a hit and run, I was referred to Scott. I was almost terrified going to an attorney because I heard so many bad stories or cases that take years to settle. One of the things he said to me was that he was not here to waste my time, if my case isn’t settled read more >

“My two year old daughter and I were involved in a serious car accident which resulted in a titanium rod being placed in my arm. Although the police, three witnesses and even the other driver admitted being at fault my husband and I were overwhelmed. We found ourselves struggling read more >

“Scott took good care of me after my car accident and more than effectively dealt with those sharks at the insurance company. I would highly recommend Scott for your legal needs and use his services again if I needed to.”

“I was involved in an automobile accident last year (hit by a drunk driver) and sustained a nasty neck injury. As soon as I hired Scott Corwin, I was sent to the appropriate doctor, was prescribed physical therapy, and had my car towed in for repairs. Scott is a true professional, keeps you informed read more >

“I was recently involved in a four car automobile accident and Attorney, Scott J. Corwin provided excellent representation. He was very professional and kept me informed throughout the process. Mr. Corwin and his staff always made themselves available to answer my questions. Through his read more >

“My 89 year old mother was hit by a car while standing in a parking lot. S Scott worked efficiently and effectively to bring in a settlement that fully covered her pain, suffering and her loss of function. As a result she has the resources to provide the care she needs. I highly recommend his services.”

“My husband was in a auto accident and was not at fault and suffered moderate injuries, with medical insurance being so expensive we knew we could not afford it. We were referred to Mr. Corwin from another one of his clients who was pleased with his services. From the Initial visit read more >

“Following a car accident in which the other driver ran a stop sign and rammed into my car at full speed fracturing my wrist, Scott and his team did a phenomenal job of ensuring that I got the medical treatment I needed for my injury as well as handling all communications with the insurance company, which made my life much easier. read more >

“It is my immense pleasure to have the Law Offices of Scott Corwin work on all my cases stretching from Personal Injury to Simple legal advice. I highly recommend his counsel to anybody in need of assistance. His dedication to clients and personal attention to details is far surpassed read more >

“After tripping in a parking lot and breaking my ankle, I got in contact with Scott right away. He was thorough, and on top of everything and got me a settlement that was more than fair. Scott was always responsive and caring whenever I called. Not only did he get me a great read more >

“I appreciate you for the respectful manner in which you interact with your clients. My experience with you was exactly what I think an attorney client relationship should be. Your keen sensibilities set you apart. You were available by phone or you promptly responded to messages personally. You are able to garner your client’s confidence because you understand that individuals who need an attorney are read more >

“You did a tremendous job! I was extremely surprised and happy with my settlement amount. It was higher than I expected! You definitely are the Super Lawyer! Thank you again for your glorious work! Justice was served! You are definitely the best accident lawyer in Los Angeles.”

“I enormously appreciate all of the help and hard work you’ve done for me and for taking care of my doctor’s bills.”

“I’m an attorney, so when I got into a car accident and needed a personal injury attorney, I asked around for recommendations at my firm. Hands down, every attorney recommended Scott Corwin. I was told that he’s the best, and he didn’t let me down. From the first meeting all the way down through settlement I felt like my interests were being represented by someone knowledgeable, someone skilled, and by read more >

“My two teenage daughters and I were involved in a serious auto accident and we were all injured. Being in the accident was scary. But not knowing how to deal with the insurance claims process was even more challenging, while at the same trying to juggle my girls and my work. Scott was kind, caring and compassionate as well as being an aggressive attorney who was not afraid to take on the insurance read more >

“After another car rear ended my car while on the freeway, I sustained neck and back injuries and needed a personal injury attorney. I was very lucky to come across Scott J. Corwin. Scott is the best attorney I have ever worked with. He was quick and aggressive in settling my case with the insurance company. As a business owner during these tough economic times, it was important for me to receive the read more >

Scott Corwin is an exceptional lawyer. No BS here people. I called him first thing after I had my accident and it was the best move I made because Scott not only answered all my questions and concerns but also kept me informed with every new turn of the case. In my auto accident, I had been rear ended violently and I felt pain immediately. Scott had me go to a trusted doctor that helped me not only through the physical read more >

“When I hear that any of my friends have been in a car accident, I have referred him/her to Scott Corwin immediately. He is very thorough and efficient with helping each person through this otherwise pain-staking process by making it easy and minimal on the client. His secretary, Julie, is seriously the best as she is so caring and willing to help with whatever she can do. I have now referred at least nine of read more >

“I was in a severe accident with four other friends. Within a few months our compensations had arrived. There’s really no other attorney that can deliver the same results. If he’s not listening to you, it’s probably because you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want the same results as every other 5-star reviewer then do what we did. Listen to Scott and do what he says, ASAP. He will def. tell you like read more >

“I had a small car accident last year, had to have the front end of my car replaced and needed to see a doctor for some soft tissue damage in my neck. It wasn’t a huge deal, but because the accident wasn’t my fault, I wanted to make sure that my costs were covered for the car and the medical bills. I am so glad I called Scott after it happened. After I explained the accident to him, he set the gears in motion for me. read more >

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