Campaigns underway to improve motorcycle safety

The Los Angeles area has always been a very popular place for motorcyclists. With traffic a major problem in the region, motorcycles provide their riders a more affordable commuting option. As more cars and motorcycles share the roads, problems are bound to arise. If the motorcyclist is not prepared, he or she may be unable to avoid being involved in a crash.

Law enforcement officers in various counties in the region have used grant money to start safety campaigns designed to improve motorcycle safety. Police have been stopping motorcyclists and other motorists when they are observed making maneuvers that place the safety of others at risk. Officials hope that this helps to slow the number of dangerous motorcycle accidents in the area.

Riders are also being encouraged to take a motorcycle safety course with the California Highway Patrol. The course provides 15 hours of training where riders can learn some of the laws specific to motorcyclists, such as proper lane splitting procedures.

Police are also advising motorcyclists on some of the steps that they can take to help reduce the chance of a crash. Riders should wear bright or reflective clothing, especially if traveling at night. Additionally, they should avoid wearing helmets not approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Many of these helmets do not provide the necessary protection should a crash happen.

Motorists have also been given some instructions on how they can avoid crashes. Drivers are being encouraged to put down their cellphones while they are driving. Those individuals who are distracted may not see motorcyclists nearby, and this can lead to accidents that would otherwise be easily avoidable. Motorists should also be sure that they double check their blind spots before making lane changes. The speed of motorcycles can be tough to determine, so drivers should be sure that they have the amount of time necessary to make any turns in front of approaching riders.

Unfortunately, for riders involved in a motorcycle accident, the injuries that result can result are often extremely serious. It can take a long time for individuals to be able to overcome some of these health problems, and some may not be able to recover completely even after multiple attempts at rehabilitation.

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