Summer brings greater risk of motorcycle accidents

With summer in full swing, the season for summertime celebrations has begun in earnest. While the summer months bring ample opportunity for cookouts with friends and afternoons on the beach, they also bring more opportunities to be involved in serious motorcycle accidents.

One common cause of motorcycle accidents during the summer is drunk driving related to holiday celebrations. Indeed, it is easy for some drivers to overestimate their ability to get behind the wheel after a few drinks, which makes them dangerous to everyone on the highway, including those on motorcycles. One recent analysis determined that the Fourth of July holiday is one of the deadliest days of the year on U.S. highways. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there was an average of 148 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. on the Fourth of July from 2004 to 2008. For the rest of the year, the daily average number of accidents totaled 114. This means that the Fourth of July is even deadlier than New Year’s Day, on which an average of 140 people died in motor vehicle accidents during the same period.

A number of factors contribute to the high number of fatal motorcycle accidents during the summer months. While alcohol is definitely a contributing factor in many accidents, the reality is that many people take vacations during the summer, which means that the roads are typically more crowded. Furthermore, many of those who take to the highway during the summer are from out of town, which means that they are generally unfamiliar with local traffic patterns.

It is important to note that many of the motorcycle accidents that occur during the summer months are perfectly preventable. In order to help avoid accidents and serious injuries riders should:

  • Always wear proper safety equipment, including a helmet, gloves and heavy jacket and pants
  • Ride assertively and take steps to be seen, including wearing bright colors, turning on headlights, even during the day and using the horn when necessary
  • Watch carefully to stay out of the blind spots of those in cars and trucks
  • Avoid lane sharing when riding with other motorcycles

Unfortunately, the reality is that accidents do happen. Those who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident should consider scheduling a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. In some circumstances, those who have been injured may be entitled to remuneration for their medical bills. No matter the cause and no matter the injury, do not delay: speak to a personal injury attorney today.

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