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The steps that you take after a bike crash matter

If you ask a bicyclist about how many times that they've had a close call or full-out crash while riding their bike in Los Angeles, they'll likely tell you that it's happened more than once before. While they may have walked away unscathed from most of them, they'll probably say how at least one crashes left them with severe injuries. They may all tell different stories about what they did after being struck.

In case you're unsure what you should do after a bike crash, the most important thing is to get out of the middle of the street if you can. Motorists generally drive with their eyes on the road ahead of them. Depending on how far ahead an object in the roadway is in front of them, they may not notice you or anything else lying on the ground and strike you again if you don't.

18-Year-Old Motorcyclist Killed on California Highway

An 18-year-old motorcyclist was killed on Highway 101 on October 7, 2018. The victim was later identified as Jordan Benjamin Grant, a recent Plano Academy High School graduate, starting his college career at California Polytechnic State University.

Grant was heading southbound on Highway 101, traveling to Vandenberg Air Force Base to watch the SpaceX Falcon rocket launch at about 4:50PM. He was near El Campo Road when a 2018 BMW, traveling eastbound, was in the process of making an unsafe left turn. The 2018 BMW turned directly in front of Grant's motorcycle, a 2015 Yamaha, and Grant slid into the side of the BMW and was fatally injured. The 42-year-old driver of the BMW sustained no injuries.

CalPoly announced Grant's death and held a service for him that Wednesday in the University Union Plaza.

Report: Distracted driving laws curb fatal motorcycle crashes

Researchers at both the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) published a study in the academic journal Social Science & Medicine this week that captures the importance of distracted driving laws in curbing fatal motorcycle accidents.

Researchers focused their attention on motorcycle crashes because a disproportionate number of motorcyclists die in traffic crashes every year, given the number of motorcyclists on the road and the collective amount of miles they travel. In addition, while car design has improved over the past few years, something that has caused fatality rates to drop, the same can't be said about motorcycles.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents continue to increase in California

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) keeps track of the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur each year in the state, their causes as well as motorists' risk factors for becoming involved in them.

Their most recent scorecard captures how the number of traffic fatalities that occurred in the state in 2015 were 3,387 and how they increased by 7 percent to 3,623 in 2016. Data collected during 2015 shows that there were 1.01 fatalities per 100 million miles driven that year.

Peugeot Reveals A New Motorbike Concept

Last month in October, Peugeot revealed a new motorbike concept at the Paris motor show. With the company's cutting-edge technology and sleep looking models, they are sure to start a revolution in the motorcycle world.

Why is riding a motorcycle on wet roads so dangerous?

If you thought that learning to drive a car was difficult, then mastering riding a motorcycle can be even harder. That's one reason why you see so few motorcycles out on the road during inclement weather. Riding a motorcycle is most dangerous when there's rain on the roads.

Fortunately, here in Los Angeles, we get very few rainy days. However, they do occur, and motorcyclists must learn how to maintain control even in a rainstorm.

Motorcyclists Must Wear Earplugs To Protect Hearing

Avid motorcycle riders often suffer from loss of hearing, and ringing in the ears. To prevent this, it is important for riders to wear earplugs to prevent the noise from the bike and other vehicles on the road from damaging hearing.

Why do motorcyclists suffer from hearing loss?

Many motorcyclists suffer from hearing loss because they are exposed to all of the sounds of the road. In a car, the driver is shielded from the loud sounds on the road, whereas a motorcycle driver is completely exposed to them. The sound of the motorcycle is loud by itself, and combined with all of the other vehicles on the road, it takes a toll on the motorcyclist's eardrums.

The stunning rate of motorcycle fatalities

You feel fairly safe when you go out on your motorcycle. You have been riding for years, after all, and you know how to take the proper precautions.

That's all well and good, but the statistics do paint a fairly bleak picture, and you have to be aware of the risks that you face. For example, when compared to cars, the rate of motorcycle fatalities is staggering. Statistics show that they happened 29 times as often as fatalities in cars in 2015.

Lane Splitting is Allowed in California State

Lane splitting has been legal in California for about two years. Motorcycles are allowed to drive in between the spaces of cars and trucks on the road, without legal consequence.

Lane splitting can be dangerous if it's not done properly

Although this is ideal for motorcycle drivers, lane splitting can be incredibly dangerous. California state legislation has released a guide for motorcyclists to follow in order to use this driving technique carefully. The guide comes complete with safety tips for the motorcycle drivers, and the rules of lane splitting. Safety reminders are essential for motorcyclists because they are at a greater risk of getting into a collision when practicing lane splitting.

Woman Killed After Crashing Motorcycle In Nipomo

A 49-year-old woman from Arroyo Grande was killed last month in October after driving her motorcycle off the road in Nipomo.

"The 49-year-old woman was riding a 2002 Harley Davidson westbound on Camino Caballo about 5:30 p.m. and attempted to turn left onto southbound Osage Street in Nipomo. For unknown reasons, she lost control of the motorcycle and veered east, off the edge of Osage Street, according to a California Highway Patrol news release. The motorcycle then drove into bushes and struck a wooden fence. The rider was ejected and struck a tree, while the motorcycle came to rest against a stone wall" (SanLuisObispo.com).

This woman is about the third motorcycle rider that has been killed on San Luis Obispo County roads. Previously, two other motorcycle drivers died from a fatal crash in the beginning of October.

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